Our mission is to transform communities by supplying the most technologically advanced, valuable, and user-friendly Smart Parking solutions in the world.

IPS Group drives the Smart Communities evolution as the leading innovator and trusted provider of Smart Parking technology.

For over two decades we have been committed to the design, engineering, and manufacturing of intelligent parking technologies that shape the industry. To date we have sold more than 300,000 wireless devices to over 400 parking agencies – including cities and universities – in the US. Our direct relationships with leading wireless and payment technology companies position us to be ahead of the technology curve for many years to come.

Leading the industry from the beginning

In 2005, we introduced the world’s first Smart Parking Meter, powered by the industry-changing, massive, collective intelligence of the IPS organically developed Data Management System.

For the first time, parking meters possessed the full power of computing, launching a new era of parking management. As we continued to grow, evolve, and innovate, we introduced pay stations, enforcement and permitting, vehicle detection sensors and mobile payment solutions.


IPS empowers Smart Communities to excel and achieve more with the industry’s only Fully Integrated Smart Parking Ecosystem. We offer a uniquely high level of flexibility and customization, ensuring exceptional customer service and future-proofed technology solutions.

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We are a proud U.S.-based manufacturer headquartered in San Diego, CA.