Pay Station Upgrade Kits

The IPS Pay Station Upgrade Kits are designed to retrofit existing pay stations, maximizing current investment and infrastructure while upgrading to the latest parking meter technology. The kit replaces outdated components of the old pay station with new IPS technology and features. Designed with the service technician in mind, the modular components can be easily removed, serviced, and replaced with no more than a screwdriver. IPS has replaced all the electrical wiring harnesses and traditional complexities inside the cabinet box with ultra-reliable electronic components housed on a single PCBA (printed circuit board). Cities benefit from lower equipment upgrade costs, ease of maintenance, and reduced overall cost of ownership.

Key Features

  • Pay stations retain existing cabinet, locks, and collections while replacing upper cabinet parts and user interfacing door
  • Accepts payment by credit/debit card, coins, tokens, smart card, pay-by-cell, and optional bank notes
  • Large LCD screen displays messages in graphical and alphanumeric text
  • Wirelessly networked to the IPS Data Management System
  • Built-in integration with pay-by-cell and IPS product suite
  • Supports demand-based pricing and real-time parking occupancy systems
  • PA-DSS and Level 1 PCI-DSS certified
  • Available in solar or AC power
Revolution ST IPS Group Product


Upgrades Parkeon Stelio

Revolution CL Product Photo IPS Group


Upgrades Cale MPC 104

Revolution RD Photo Photography


Upgrades Parkeon DG

Revolution SR Product Photo IPS Group


Upgrades Parkeon Strada

Revolution DL1 Product Photo IPS Group


Upgrades Digital Payment Technologies Luke I

Revolution V Photo Photography


Upgrades Ventek 400

Revolution SM Product Photo IPS Group


Upgrades Siemens Prisma

Revolution DL1 Custom Faceplate Product Photo

DL1 Custom Faceplate

Upgrades Digital Payment Technologies Luke I

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