Corporate Social Responsibility

IPS believes strongly in supporting the community and making a positive change in the world. Our company’s corporate philosophy is founded on a commitment to take care of our employees, our customers, our community, and our planet. In line with our corporate philosophy, all IPS Smart Meters are engineered and manufactured in California to keep jobs local, boost our local economy, and maintain the level of quality that has become a hallmark of the IPS brand.
IPS Group Meter

Donation Stations

By supporting local charitable organizations, IPS hopes to create a stronger community and economy for future generations to come. The IPS Donation Station Program utilizes repurposed smart meters to accept donations. IPS Donation Stations provide a depository for change, a transaction outlet enabled with credit card swipe, and a backend system with highly sophisticated analytical capabilities. IPS has provided “Donation Stations” to organizations including:
Make Change Count
Make Change Count For Schools
ResQue Ranch in partnership with Phils BBQ.
IPS Donation Stations Spread Kindness in Carlsbad



Such organizations provide funds to enrich the lives of those in the communities around us. To inquire about receiving a “Donation Station” for a charity campaign, please contact

IPS Group Case Study Photo
Chad Randall CEO Donation Station
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